Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TEDx - The Myth of Average

An interesting video came across my G+ stream the other day, not more than an hour later I received an email about the same video.  Now, I typically ignore emails like that for products and videos (I get some each week), but since it came up in 2 different places and 2 different feeds I figured I needed to check it out.  I've watched a few TED talks, but have never seen one from TEDx.  I am glad I watched!!!

L. Todd Rose is a high school dropout, and now Harvard faculty member.  He shares some very profound stories about how fighter planes were built 60 years ago vs. today, as well as how we teach all students.  Head to Youtube to see the video (it's about 18 min. long)

The Myth of Average

What struck me most is the obvious connection to UDL principles.  Teaching to all students and giving them the tools to learn in their unique way is what we need to be focusing our time on.  We have so many tools we just need to make sure students have a way to access them.  We need to provide materials that help them achieve all they can.  This talk is inspiring and I hope it inspires you to share these ideas!!

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