Monday, July 1, 2013

5 years and counting!!!

5 years ago today, I started this blog.  I have a hard time thinking back to that time, it really seems like a long time ago!  I was at a change in my life.  I had been let go by a district, and was in the transition to a new district.  I had been reading tons of blogs (Sam Sennott and Jeannette Van Houten's were some of my biggest inspirations), and I knew I wanted to share what I was reading with others.

So I went to Blogger and tried to find a title for this blog, I originally tried for Teaching Every Student, but soon found that was taken (BTW-that's how I found Karen Janowski's blog), and ended up settling for TeachingAll.  I actually think this ended up being a good thing, Teaching All just fits my personal vision for teaching.  I really hope that I am working toward Teaching each and every student I meet!

I have a hard time believing that in 5 years I have been able to share over 900 posts, and gotten over 434,000 page views.  There are currently 1,271 people who subscribe to this blog and read it on a daily basis.  I'm amazed to report that in the last 30 days, this blog has been visited by someone from every continent (except Antarctica), including such countries at Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines and the UK.

I started this blog to share, but what I found was much more.  I spent a lot of time in college hearing about reflection, I didn't really find a way to do it until I started this blog.  I tried notebooks, journals, all the typical things, but having a way to share and get feedback was the tipping point for me (hmmm, I think I've heard that before somewhere else).  It's given me ideas, helped refine those ideas, and provided encouragement along the way!

Thank you to everyone who has read and continues to read this blog!  I look forward to sharing more!

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