Wednesday, January 26, 2011 is a site that I've seen before, but never posted about.  Natalie (creator and owner) recently contacted me and shared it again so I decided to check it out more.  The site is pretty simple and she describes it like this:

Our printable file folder games and preschool activities offer students a fun way to practice basic pre-academic and academic skills. These file folder games provide students many opportunities to practice a wide variety of classroom skills at their level. Special Education teachers, preschool teachers, general education teachers and parents enjoy using file folder games and preschool printables because they are inexpensive learning tools, simple to assemble, and easy to store.
I really like the premise of the site, simple easy to use tools that are easy to create and utilize.  As the name suggests all the materials are available for download and printing to put in file folders and create activities.  They also have a section of Interactive books available for download.  FileFolderHeaven also has a section of free downloads.  One section that I especially liked where the Word Family Books.  Each book comes with a book & several games to play with the book.  It seems like a great way to support reading!

If you are interested in checking out, please also check out their Facebook Page - FileFolderHeaven Facebook or follow them on Twitter - @FFHeaven.


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