Friday, January 28, 2011

SNApps - Special Needs Apps for Kids

A new site has come out that I'm very excited about. is a site dedicated to sharing information on using iOS devices as well as apps for them.  The site was started by a group of parents, teachers & therapists who list their goals as:
...inform and empower those involved  with special needs children using the iPad and similar technologies. Our focus is on usage, adaptation, and app exchange and review.
The site has lots of information on how to set up your iOS device - including hardware, accessories, and accessibility options.  They also have started posting information on different apps.  At this time it is general information, and included with each app is a rating system.  This is a feature that I really like.  Anyone who looks at the site can rate an app and get a community based rating on it.  I think this really is helpful for people looking for apps, especially with the amount of them out there (over 300,000). is still new, but very promising.  Please take a moment to check it out, and if you have used any of the apps please rate them!


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