Monday, January 24, 2011

#AppMondayTAS - iDress for Weather

I was reading a great list of apps - Jeremy Brown's App Recommendations for Students with Autism Part 1 - and while there are quite a lot of great apps on the list, one especially stood out.  iDress for Weather is a simple app that tells you the weather, and suggest the best clothes to wear.  It has some great customization options and is very easy to use.

To start, the app asks to use your location, it will then display the temperature (wind & humidity too, if you'd like).  If you swipe the screen to the right, you get a closet with suggested clothes to wear.  To check the options, touch the "i" in the bottom left corner.  You can change between Fahrenheit or Celsius, select from the last 10 locations, change the temperature levels and turn on the extended information.  The custom temperature levels are quite interesting, allowing you to set what you consider Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold & Really Cold.

When you swipe to the right, you get to see a closet with suggested clothing.  When you click the "i" in the bottom left corner you can upload your own photos and create your own closet!  It even includes a closet for a rainy day.

What I really like about this app is the educational value it has for life skills.  Using this app you can start to define the temperature words, and pairing that with appropriate clothing for the type of weather.  You could easily use this as an activity to guess the best clothing based on the temperature.  I can also see this app helping students who might show resistance to wearing certain clothes, by seeing what the app suggests it could help with that issue.  There are quite a few uses for this app.

This app is $1.99 and well worth the price! - iDress for Weather  If you like this app, please also follow and Like it on Facebook - iDress for Weather Facebook.

The developer of iDress has provided me with 3 codes to give away!  As always, you can register to win one of them, using the methods below:

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I will put your name in for each method you choose, randomize them, and pick the winners.  Please have all your entries in by Thursday, Jan 27 and I'll post the winners on Friday.  Good Luck!


**The developer provided a review copy of this app**

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