Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to download Youtube videos

Many school still block sites like YouTube.   I don't want to get into a debate over why this is, or if it's right, but there are ways around this blocking.  There are several sites that allow you to input the URL and the website will convert the file for download.  Some of the site will email you when it's finished and some you just have to wait for them.  All of these sites allow you to pick multiple movie formats (.wmv, .mov, or iTunes format) or even audio only formats like .mp3.

Media Converter - one of the first that I've use, simple easy to use.

Zamzar - another easy to use site, it will email you with the file to download.

Convert Play Tube
- a site I've just found, but very easy, nice big buttons for picking format.

Quietube - not specifically a site download videos, but a way to "declutter" them. What you do is install a bookmark in your toolbar, then navigate to any Youtube video, then click the bookmark, and Quietube removes all the ads and clutter. You are just left with the video. A very cool tool.


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