Thursday, July 30, 2009

They Might Be Giants - Science

I was reading about a new CD that will be coming out by They Might Be Giants. I'll admit I haven't listened to them in quite a while, but have always loved their music. So this CD is different and I actually think I'll get it! It's called Here Comes Science. In reading about this I found out that TMBG has started doing kids music (a great genre for them) and have 3 other CD/DVD combos - Here Come the 123's, Here Come the ABC's, and No!. Now they've added Here Comes Science to the mix.

Wired Magazines, GeekDad reviewed the CD/DVD combo here. And even includes a track list for the upcoming release. Danny over at The Whiteboard Blog talks about the CD as well, and give some ideas for songs that teach science concepts and are fun to listen to (think Particle Man!). I think this CD with included DVD will delight and educate many a child. It releases September 1, but you can pre-order on today!


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