Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So I've been lazy lately. I've fallen behind on blog posts, I've not planned for next year, I've done only a little for preparing my presentation for ATIA Chicago, and I have no excuse. But that got me thinking about other summer's I've had.

As I've stated before this will be my 10th year of teaching coming up. I've taught many different students, from Kindergarten all the way up to 8th grade, as well as many different disabilities, and every summer I spent a lot of time preparing for the next year! I've created materials, I've colored folders, I've made tons and tons of pictures on Boardmaker, and I've done it all summer. Every summer, except this one... I remember back to my first classroom, and I think of coming home every night getting materials ready for the next day. Struggling to have lesson plans done each week, and and setting up my classroom. I must have changed the room around about 10 times that year (and I was teaching kids with autism so I'm not sure that was the best idea), and literally spent every spare moment getting ready for the next lesson.

So what's different? I'm not exactly sure, I just feel comfortable and ready for next year without having to spend too much time getting ready. That's not to say I'm not learning a ton this summer and getting ready to try all sorts of new stuff next year, but I'm not stressed and feeling overwhelmed. Maybe it has to do with mastering behavior management skills, or not having to learn a new curriculum, but it's a different feeling this summer. And it took me almost 10 years to get here!

So, that got me thinking, are we doing new teachers a disservice by dropping them into a classroom with such little training? What about students, are we holding them back? What are your thoughts?


Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: Vikingg

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