Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SMART Board Resources

I haven't been feeling in the mood to write posts lately, and really haven't had much inspiration. And my gut tells me don't write just to write, so that's that. I've come across quite a few SMART Board resources that I can't wait to try out (I'm getting mine sometime this Fall!!!).

PBS Kids - PBS has recently added an entire section to their website specifically designed for SMARTBoards. It includes stories, games, and videos all broken into categories. There's even an activity where you can sign in individual students and follow their progress.

Fraction Monkey - A simple game where you match fractions using common denominators. Easy to play, great as a whole group or center activity.

Panorama Website - An amazing website with panoramic pictures of sites from around the globe. High quality amazing pictures.

Money Flashcards - A site that allows students to count money from Aplusmath. Uses all coins and bills.

A new blog that I've come across is The Whiteboard Blog. They recently posted 20 Interactive Whiteboard Resources, a great post for all SMARTBoard users.

I also recommend you read Anne Marie's Talking SMARTBoards & More if you are interested in more resources.


Photos courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: Touring_fishman

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