Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kaizena - Voice Comments for Google Docs

Last year, I posted about a Google Doc extension called Voice Comments.  You installed it in your Google Drive and you could hight light portions of the text and record voice comments.  There were some bugs like the fact that your formatting would disappear, but that seemed like a minor inconvenience compared to the awesomeness of leaving these voice comments.

Well this year at ICE 2014, I was introduced to the NEW Voice Comments - Kaizena!  Kaizena is be the same folks who did Voice Comments, but it is upgraded!  Just head to Kaizena and click on the link to connect your Google Drive account.  Then all you have to do is find a document (does not work with spreadsheets or presentations) and then you can start leaving voice comments, written comments and even links to resources like videos or articles.  It really have a ton of potential.

One note I overlooked is that you have to share a link back to the document after you are done leaving your comments.  It shows under "Comments" button near the share button in your student's document. Or you could send them an email letting them know they have comments to listen to.

I've always looked for ways to increase my students independence and Kaizena is a great way to give feedback that they are able to use.  I can't wait to fully integrate it into my classroom writing process!

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