Monday, September 16, 2013

#AppMondayTAS - My Choice Board

Each week I will be featuring an app from  These apps are features in the Bridging Apps newsletter each week and are reviewed by Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Special Education Teachers.  Come back each week for a new review.  If you’d like more information on how to use the website, or to find more app reviews, please click here.

My Choice Board - $9.99 (Universal)

Reviewer Comments
My Choice Board is a great app to use to assist those with limited communication skills. We have used this app with students who are on the autism spectrum, have basic to profound learning differences and students with communication delays. This application has allowed students to independently express their own specific needs and wants. Although we have trialed this application with students between the ages of 4-10, it could be used with all ages through adulthood.
There are many features in this application that separate this assistive communication apps from the many others available. Images used in this application are chosen by the user and his or her preferences. Images can be uploaded from iPhones, personal camera, Google images, or personal computer. Text can be added, if desired.
A helpful feature of this application is the ability to have multiple choice boards. Boards can be themed and organized however the user would like. Sensory activities, play time activities, food choices, are just some examples of how the choices could be organized. As the user creates different boards, there is an option to add sound to the images if he or she so chooses. Adding sound to corresponding images helps reinforce receptive communication and encourage expressive language.
Many assistive communication applications only allow a certain number of choices on each page or category. My Choice Board allows users to select more than six options by simply adding pages to that specific category already created, allowing for multiple pages in a category. If too many choices seems to be overwhelming for the user, the settings can easily be changed to show fewer option by just editing the images as “unavailable.” The images will always be in the file however, that person can’t see them until they are made “available” again.
My Choice Board is a wonderful app that allows users to easily find exactly what they want without becoming overwhelmed by too many options. It is easy to use and can be used with a wide range of ages because of the ability to change the number of options a child or adult can choose, depending their ability.
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