Friday, September 28, 2012

ClassDojo App

ClassDojo has released an iOS app for use in the classroom.  The free app (ClassDojo App) is even easier to use than their mobile site.  It works seamlessly across all platforms and give you some great options like assigning points to multiple students at the same time, and picking a random student!  You can even have multiple devices giving points at the same time (great way to include aides in supporting large group activities).

Along with the iOS app launch, they have recently upgraded the site to fix some small bugs and make the interface cleaner.  It now allows you to download individual reports as a group.  As well as make it easier to get student codes so they can create their own login.

ClassDojo has quickly replaced my classroom behavior system (a token system), in almost all cases.  There are still a few features I would like to see implemented that would make it just soar for a special education classroom.  I would like more specific feedback about the occurrence of behaviors, specifically when they occur.  Along with that, the ability to create multiple classes and track the same student over the course of the day would be hugely beneficial, if this was included I could use it to track any behavior plan data I might need!

I continue to find ClassDojo extremely useful, and can't wait to see where it goes in the next year!

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