Friday, June 15, 2012

Leap Motion

For just $70 this little device (about the size of a flash drive) says it will change how you interact with your computer.  The Leap Motion is a external input device like a trackpad or keyboard, but it's more like a Kinect for your computer.

The Leap Motion creates a 3-D space around it that allows you to put your hands in and control your computer.  It is supposedly able to distinguish from fingers and thumbs, and would effectively turn any computer you have into a touch screen.  There's a good demo video here at their site -

I've written before about alternative ways to interact with a computer - Alternative Computer Access, Free Switch Accessible Games, 10/GUI, Oribitouch - but there is something different about this option.  Having a device that responds to your hands, using either built in or customized gestures (which you can do) gives you a flexibility when looking at access for all individuals.  I've also mentioned that one of the best features of iOS devices is the touch interface (kids just get it), and this brings that to all computers, at a very reasonable cost.

The only caveat is that, this is not out yet.  It says there will be a limited amount available in the winter. I hope that this product comes to market because I can see it's potential to open up access to many, many individuals.

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