Thursday, June 14, 2012

EduBlogger Survey

I saw this post on Hack Education this week and thought I'd take a moment to participate.  It's a survey about blogging for education.

What do you blog about?  Special Education with a focus on using technology to reach all learners.
Are you paid to blog? No, but there are ads on my feed and blog site.
What do you do professionally (other than blog)?  I'm a special education teacher in a small school district in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  I also do trainings and presentations about technology, special education and iDevices.
How long have you been blogging at this site? since July of 2008
Do you write in other platforms? (e.g. in a print magazine?) No
Can you remember why you started blogging? I felt like I had things to share and no other way to get it out.  I just wanted to share my perspective and ideas on teaching leaners with more significant needs and didn't see many others doing that.  I also have found it a great place to reflect on what I'm doing in the classroom.
What keeps you blogging?  The connections I've made, just a small comment is enough to keep me going, but I've made some many connections with other educators and teachers that have enriched my teaching.
Do you have any idea of the size or character if your audience? How?  According to Google Feedburner I have 1124 subscribers to my blog, and about 4400 pageviews a month.  I also have about 1500 followers on Twitter (although that's the first time in over 4 years I've actually looked that number).
What’s your attitude to/ relationship with people who comment on your blog?  Positive so far.  I don't think I typically write anything to controversial, but it could happen.  I have not had the occasion to have to censor comments (unless they are obviously spam), I hope that continues.
Do you feel as if you fit into any particular community, network or genre of blogging? (e.g. schools, science, education, museums, technology) - Assistive Technology
If so, what does that community give you?  Ideas and encouragement!
What do you think are the advantages of blogging? What are its disadvantages/ limitations?  Not sure I have an answer for this question.
Do you tell people you know offline that you’re a blogger? (e.g. your grandmother, your boss) Yes, I have no issue letting people know that I do this on the side.
Is there anything else you want to tell me about I haven’t asked? nope!
Probably nothing too surprising in this post, but it was an interesting reflection for me!

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons - Saad.Akhtar

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