Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Learning Chocolate

An interesting website was posted recently to the EdCeptional Diigo Group called Learning Chocolate.  I'm not sure of the meaning behind the title, but this seems to be a good website for vocabulary instruction.  While it's not a new site (Larry Ferlazzo mentioned it in 2009), it does seem to have some good instructional qualities.

The site is broken down into categories of words, like Animals, Action words, colors, etc... When you select a category you are given a series of pictures, words and audio.  If you click on the little speaker it will tell you each of the words.  You can also select different language options (English, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese) to help you learn those languages.  Each category includes quiz sections to practice what you've learned, they are:

Match Up 1- where you match audio to word
Match Up 2 - where you match word to picture
Match Up 3 - where you match audio to picture
Fill In - where you have to fill in the word from memory
Dictation - it will dictate the word and you have to type it

There are quite a few categories to choose from, but the site has its drawbacks.  For those students who use alternate access methods, it is probably not gong to work.  The content is played in a flash window and that is usually not accessible with alternate methods.  Also, a feature I would like to see is having it available on mobile devices.  Again, because of the Flash content it does not work on mobile devices.

This site seems like a good place to learn and practice vocabulary and with a few additions it would be even better!

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