Friday, March 23, 2012

iPad Shutter Button

Apple released an update to iOS and I decided to take the time to do it recently.  Most of the bug fixes in 5.1 were under the hood and really nothing to talk about, although I've heard some people's battery life is much improved.

One small change that I noticed took me by surprise.  Apple move the location of the shutter button on the iPad Camera App.  Previously (as illustrated in the photo above), if you were holding the ipad in landscape mode to take a picture the shutter button was at the bottom, middle of the screen.  In order to use it you'd have to hold the ipad with one hand and carefully tap the shutter button to take the picture.  This typically caused the ipad to shake slightly and have a more blurry picture.  By moving the button to the side (near the home button), it's in a more natural place to tap when holding the iPad with 2 hands in landscape mode.

Probably not something that affects a lot of people, but it's nice to see Apple improving their software and responding to consumer complaints.  I'm sure it also has to do with the fact that the "New" iPad has a much better picture and they are expecting more people to use the camera app.

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