Monday, March 5, 2012

#Eduwin - iPad to Android

#Eduwin is an opportunity for educators to share the positive accomplishments of themselves and their students in public forum.  If you head to you can share one for yourself and check out what was shared recently.  Here's one that I shared:

The story is a little longer than this tweet, so I thought I'd share it.  I have a student using a communication device and a very active family!  They shared a ton of pictures with me and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for to have the student dictate sentences and create an ePub book on the iPad.  I also knew that I wanted to share this book with parents, and happened to know they used Android phones.  Knowing very little about ePub readers for Android, I contacted the podcasters from the Mobile Reach show (@chadkafka & @taml17) and asked for recommendations.  There recommendation was Aldiko.

So using Dropbox I transferred the students pictures to my classroom iPad.  We used Creative Book Builder to put together the book.  Incorporating pictures, text and audio on every page.  The student was engaged and excited to be talking about his experiences.  Once we finished I published the book to iBooks.  It worked perfectly!  So I also saved a copy of the ePub to Dropbox.  Last I emailed the book to the parent, along with a suggestion of trying Aldiko to open it.

The next day that parent wrote back and let me know it worked seemlessly!!  I was actually quite surprised, that creating a book on an iPad that I could share it with an Android phone with no issues.  I know the pride that student felt in creating this book and I am so happy that I could share it with his parents and family.

I know this seems like a long post, and a bit of a ramble, but I just wanted to share this positive story with everyone!  I encourage you to head over to and share your story today!

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