Monday, February 27, 2012

ICE Conference 2012 - #ice12

I have been very hard at work preparing for the upcoming ICE conference, here in St. Charles, IL.  What that means is that I've neglected this blog a little.  I am currently getting ready to help run the UDL Playground at ICE to show off the concepts of UDL and some of the great tools there are to support it.  It also means I get to meet a ton of great educators, and let them play with all sorts of gadgets!

One of the resources my collaborators and I have put together is this wiki -  This wiki is full of great resources for anyone to learn about and implement the ideas of UDL.  We've also included a slideshow with a few examples of UDL to show off during the conference.  If you think a resources is missing, please take a moment and fill out this short form -

I've also been working on a presentation for ICE - Google Docs for Special Education.  This presentation focuses on using Google Docs to Collaborate with students and other professionals, Collect data, and Communicate with all stakeholders.  More information on that in an upcoming post!

If you are at ICE, please take a moment to stop by the Marsalis Room (it's near the continental breakfast setup, by the pool!), check out our tools and say Hi!  I'll be doing my best to tweet from the conference, but I encourage you to check out the ICE conference Wiki (live coverage of sessions, including keynotes, and presenter handouts) and Ning for the latest information.

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