Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RJ Cooper Apps - Spell-A-Word & Point to Pictures

RJ Cooper & Associates have a ton of great accessibility devices for all learners.  RJ was the first to develop a Bluetooth Switch interface to use with the iPad and has a great app for learning to unlock iOS devices-Slide to Unlock.  Recently he announced 2 new apps.  Take a look at the press release below

I am happy to *finally* announce the availability of my latest 2 apps that have been 'ported' over to iPad! I had promised these by end of summer, but programming for the iPad is just not that easy. And I try to make my apps very 'rich' in features.
Spell-A-Word - LARGE print, spelling app, where you can make your own WordLists, or use those that we've made for you (complete with pictures and recorded words). When searching for this app, make sure you use the dashes.  To view in iTunes click below:
Point To Pictures - The only AAC *training* app in the world. I believe this app is a *necessary* prerequisite for successful AAC on the iPad for anyone that doesn't immediately 'get' an actual AAC app!  To view in iTunes click below.
My apps are free for the first 2 weeks of release so go get 'em! After that they will be $29.95 each (each cost me over $10K to create!)
Soon to follow are switch versions, Scan-A-Word, and Scan to Pictures.
This email is a little old, so you probably have about a week left to download these apps for free!  They both look like very interesting apps for helping learners with communication difficulties become more proficient!

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