Monday, November 28, 2011

Edublog Award Nominees 2011

It's that time again, time for the Edublog Awards 2011 (#eddies11).  This yearly event allows edubloggers the chance to share their favorite blogs and resources with the greater community.  And it's a great way to find out about other blogs!!  Here are my nominations!

Best individual blog - Zenodotus - Jim Gubbins
I've known Jim for about a year now, but I'll have to be honest I've just started reading his blog.  I have to say I've been missing out.  He's got great ideas on technology integration and web2.0 tools.  Some of my favorite posts have been about the Kindle Fire & Timetoast.

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog - Free Tech for Teachers - Richard Byrne
So many things to say about Richard's blog, but at the same time I don't know where to start.  As I write this he put up his very first post from 4 years ago.  It seems like I've been reading it forever.  Everyday there are a ton of new things to try and all for free!!

I've started following Matthew's blog after a very good SpedChat on Twitter!  He's been moderating the chats, and I thought it would be a good time to check out his blog.  Check out his Letter's with a teacher and new mother!

Best twitter hashtag - #spedchat
Spedchat had a few bumps this spring and summer, lost a few moderators, and is now back and better than ever with MrMatthewRay leading the charge (see previous nomination).  Check out this great chat every Tuesday at 8:30 pm EST

Best free web tool -
Have I ever mentioned how much I love TarHeelReader? (Tarheelreader or WebApps) It is one of the first web2.0 tools I ever mention to other teachers and colleagues.  Free books, free text to speech, accessible by switch or Intellikeys, accessible on mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, TouchPad, etc...) - what more could you ask for in a website!

Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast - ATTipscast - Christopher Bugaj
Looking for a strategy to use with a student in a classroom, then this is the podcast to listen to!  So many great tips packed into short 10 minute segments.  And you can even download them, burn to CD and create free professional development packets!

Best educational wiki - UDL tech Toolkit
Karen Janowski & Joyce Kazman Valenza have put together an impressive amount of information regarding UDL on this wiki.  Check out all the tools, ideas, and websites to help you implement UDL in your classroom.

Lifetime achievement - SpeEd Change - Ira Socol
Ira is a product of the special education system, ex-New York police officer person with reading difficulties and physical impairments.  That being said, he writes some of the most interesting thoughtful posts on education, and what needs to be changed.  He has re-imagined schools to make them more accessible-both for physical and learning needs, and constantly challenges our thoughts on the status quo.  A great inspiration!

Make sure to check out the Edublog Awards page so you know when to vote!

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