Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Heard about a really interesting tool from @smeech on Twitter.  He posted a great screencast (from @kolsen4) about Omnidazzle.  Omnidazzle is a free plugin for Macs that allows you to highlight and change a screen temporarily on a smartboard or projector.  Check out the Screencast here.

Some of cool tools in this product are:
Sonar - turn your screen into a sonar monitor
Waves - create ripples on your screen
Comic - click around and comic book pow & kapow's appear

Some of the useful tools are:

Cutout - it dims the screen, then you can select parts to highlight.  You can choose from circle, oval or rectangle cutouts

Flashlight - it dims most of the screen, except for the immediate are around your mouse cursor.  You can adjust how big or small the flashlight is in settings

This tool could be extremely useful when doing a lesson with a projector or SMARTBoard to help students focus on the correct part of the screen.  Download Ominidazzle for Mac from here.


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