Friday, October 14, 2011

Hear and There podcast #a11y

Here's an interesting idea, make a podcast and describe visits the places that many person's with visual disabilities might not get a chance to visit.  The Here and There podcast does just that.  Dave Uhlman is a visually impaired Accessibility Consultant who visits and gives his unique perspectives on things like museums, nature, animals, art shows and much more.  One of the most recent episodes was a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo to pet Cheetah cubs. 

It's very interesting listening to the visual descriptions (especially as a sighted person).  They are very detailed and I find it very interesting.  Many of the episodes have pictures to accompany the descriptions.  Just listening to the episode while visiting the Cheetahs it was very fun to hear the purring as they pet the animals.  I would be very interested in hearing the episode about the "Tac Tiles" tour for the blind at the Chicago Art institute.

Check out this innovative and fun podcast out at


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