Thursday, September 29, 2011

@Wikipedia Introduces New App, @QRpedia #Edapp #QRcodes #Edtech #spedtech

Yesterday, Wikipedia introduced a new educational app call QRpedia (@QRpedia).  This is perhaps the coolest implementation of QR codes!  What is QRpedia?  Well, it is a language-detecting, mobile-friendly QR code!  In other words, it is QR code generator that makes possible for users to easily snap a picture of QR code and be automatically directed to a mobile Wikipedia entry in whatever language their phone uses.  If there's not a relevant article in their language for the topic, QRpedia directs users to the most relevant, related article that is available in that language.

QRpedia is a great example of the power of today's technology.  Users are able to easily access a world of additional information available on-demand.   Additionally, individuals can generate QRpedia codes at!

QRpedia is a project developed that has been developed by @edent, @Victuallers, @prenvo & others.

Read more about QRPedia on ReadWriteWeb or the official Wikimedia blog.

-  Jeremy

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