Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Re-purposing iOS apps and Wii games for therapy?? #assistivetech #iTherapy

I thought I would share an interesting article published earlier today on PadGadget, Stroke Patients Rehabilitate with Fruit Ninja for iPad.  This article discusses how certain iPad and Wii games provide a new form of physical exercise required by recovering stroke patients.  iOS game apps like Fruit Ninja, which require a combination of gestures or movements help to improve fine motor skills.  Although such apps are designed for entertainment, it seems like there is an emerging trend of re-purposing such apps given their medical and/or therapeutic benefits.

Which iOS apps or Wii games have you re-purposed for use with your children or students?  I will share my list of re-purposed apps later in another post this week!

-  Jeremy

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