Saturday, August 20, 2011

#B2SAppSpecials #promocodes for iDevBooks math apps @iDevBooks

UPDATE (08/21): Two winners have been announced - see comments.  There are still codes left to win.  See instructions on how you could win below!

iDevBooks by Esa Helttula (iTunes App Store | Universal | $3.99 each) is a series of 18 educational mathematics apps. Each app allows students to practice and reinforce a specific computation strategy.  These apps are optimized less around bells and whistles and more around the way how they can help students learn the targeted concept or strategy.

    Column Addition               Column Subtraction

Long Multiplication                      Long Division

Fraction Math

App Features:
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Provides as much or as little scaffolding as necessary.
  • Step-by-step animation and guidance
  • Immediate and correct feedback
  • Incorrect answers are not penalized - If a student gets the wrong answer for any step in the problems, the app just sits there waiting for the correct answer. There isn’t any negative reinforcement.
  • There are no timers, counters, or a sense of rush
  • Distractions are kept to a minimum

Promo Code Giveaway:

The developer has given us 1 promo code for Column Addition, 1 promo code for Column Subtraction, 2 promo codes for Long Multiplication, 2 promo codes for Long Division, and 2 1 promo code for Fraction Math to giveaway.  To win a promo code for an iDevBook app:

1. Follow @iDevBooks
 and tweet about this promo code giveaway "I just entered #promocode giveaway for @iDevBooks math apps.  You should too! #B2SAppSpecials #TeachingAll 

2. Like iDevBooks on Facebook and mention this #B2SAppSpecials promo code giveaway on the Teaching All blog.

3. Comment below and share a manipulative or strategy you have found to be effective for teaching students math strategies.  Also, please include which iDevBook app you are most interested in as part of your comment.

Winners be announced Monday night 
in a comment below.  Good luck!!

-  Jeremy

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