Monday, August 22, 2011

#AppMondayTAS - iReward 3.0 by Grembe Apps @grembe #edapp #IEAR #spedchat #slpchat

For the second part of this week's #AppMondayTAS, I would like to share an updated version of iReward (iTunes App Store | Universal | $4.99) by Grembe Apps. iReward is a digital token board or motivational tool.  With iReward, teachers/parents/therapists are easily able to create token boards to help reinforce positive behaviors using visual (or tangible) rewards.  This app replaces the traditional velcro token-boards, which required a lot of effort to make.  iReward helps students remain on-task.  This app also helps facilitate transitions between activities.

I actually have been using this app in my classroom and with clients in my work as a Family Trainer since it was first released in late 2009.  Since then I have communicated with Jeff and Lisa (the developers), who are very open to feedback from users.  This update of iReward is exciting for me, as it adds several features  that I had requested!

iReward is a MUST have app for any classroom or home that has children with special needs (particularly autism).

Video Demo (by developer - our video demo will be uploaded tonight!):

App Features:
  • Support for multiple users - save custom token boards for multiple students on one device
  • Organize rewards or token boards by name or group
    • Copy/paste rewards between different names
  • Customization
    • choice of background colors for names
    • choice of tokens (checks, coins, gold and red stars, or smiley faces)
  • Include visual of reward
    • Take photo of reward using built-in camera, import a from device photo albums, or use built-in Google Image search
    • Ability to use two pictures to reinforce a first-then reward
  • Record custom audio and/or play video of keyboard when reward completed
  • Add or remove tokens
    • Option for only adding/removing one token at a time
    • Optional sound for when a token is added
  • Options for larger images and text, and for playing sound when adding a token
  • Ability to "lock" the app, preventing student from making any changes. Unlock the app by shaking device and entering the password.
  • In-app help added to first screen
  • Remarkable customer service ( and user forum

Suggestions for Improvement:
  • Ability to create custom tokens
  • Ability to select other video rewards (either videos on device or YouTube)
  • Optional built-in timer for interval reinforcement schedules
  • Data collection - keep track of how many times each session/day a student selected/earned a particular reward
  • Ability to share token boards with other devices either by "bumping" devices or through iTunes


The developer have provided us with 3 promo codes for iReward to giveaway to active readers of the Teaching All Students blog. You can enter to win a promo code for iReward by doing the following:

1. Comment below and describe\share what kind of token economy or visual supports you have used to motivate your child or students.

 2. Follow @Grembe on Twitter.  Tweet the following: "RT @techieteacher This week's #AppMondayTAS features iReward 3.0 by @grembe - electronic token board #edapp #IEAR #spedchat #TeachingAll
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If you choose to do all 3, you will be entered 3 times.  Winners will be announced Friday evening. Good luck!

-  Jeremy

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