Monday, March 21, 2011

#AppMondayTAS - MeMoves

I've written about MeMoves before - MeMoves and MeMoves Revisited - so you know I'm a fan of the product.  I knew they had an iOS app, but I haven't had the opportunity to check it out until recently.

MeMoves for iOS is designed for a single user at a time to help calm and focus them.  It includes the same music as the DVD and allows them to interact with similar motions in a more controlled way.  MeMoves lets you pick from Joy, Calm and Focus (just like the DVD), but then lets you choose one motion to complete.  As you do the motion if you are rewarded with fish and bubbles if you are following closely.  It does provide audio prompts as well as visual prompts.

It has several settings you can adjust to personalize your experience.  You can set the sensitivity to low, medium or high, change the speed from relaxed to normal and set it to just watch, use 1 finger or 2 fingers.  This app is great for children needing a quick focus before a lesson, or just need something to do while waiting at a restaurant

App - MeMoves
Price - $2.99 (at time of posting)
Type - Universal (works on iPhone, Ipad, and iPod Touch)
Restrictions - None
Skills Addressed - fine motor, waiting, focus


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