Monday, August 23, 2010

#AppMonday - TapSpeak Button

The iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad have shown that they are great platforms for communication.  While they may not be right for all students (that's what we have SETT), they work for some.  Here's another great app for communication.  TapSpeak Button, developed by Conley Solutions, it was created to help his son with Cerebral Palsy communication.  The premise of TapSpeak Button is simple - it's a single-hit switch.  That's it, it can play a single message.  Now it comes with some nice features. It can remember multiple messages, in fact it remembers all that you have programmed (so no re-recording mid-session!). You can also change the color of the button.  It has a very simple interface:

Add a name and tap the button to record.  This program does require some kind of microphone to record.  So if you have an iPhone or iPad your set, iPod Touch users will need to purchase one before you can use the program.  There is a list of ones they recommend here - Microphones.  The app is $9.99 and well worth the money!  Recently they have released TapSpeak Sequences!  This app allows does exactly what it sounds like - it's a step-by-step switch!  It's a little more expensive at $29.99, but if is as good as TapSpeak button it's worth the money.

After speaking with Ted Conley he informed me of some of the upcoming features being added to both TapSpeak Button & TapSpeak Sequence.  Both apps are available on the iPad and work very well due to the larger form factor.  TapSpeak button will be gaining the picture/symbol library that is currently available on TapSpeak Sequence.  Also, TapSpeak Sequence will have the option to purchase the Dynavox PCS library through an in-app purchase, this will be available in a couple of weeks!  In my opinion that makes both of these apps even more useful.  

Ted has offered 3 FREE codes for TapSpeak Button!  Be one of the first 3 people to comment on this post and I'll send one to you!


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