Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kindle 2 - Updated Information

I was so excited to hear about the Kindle 2 when the information was released in early February. Since then I've been displeased with what has been happening. For those who have not been following; the Kindle was supposed to be released with text-to-speech capabilities built into the device. The Author's Guild protested this feature saying that it was copyright infringement to create a "audio" version of the book. Audio versions are protected under copyright, the Amazon feature would read the book without storing a copy. Amazon decided to cave and disable the feature at this time (see this press release).

As you can see I don't agree with this decision, I personally feel that using text-to-speech is not creating an audio copy, but I'm no legal expert. So what can you do? Head here to Reading Rights. At this site you can read more information on the case, sign the petition, and see other ways to protest this decision.


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