Friday, April 10, 2009

AT BLog Carnival - Sabotage!

Welcome to the April addition of the AT Blog Carnival. This month's theme was based on the idea of Sabotage. While it might be taken as a negative, we've had some great submissions on how it can be positive. Take a look here!

Christopher Bugaj of the A.T.Tips Podcast inspired this month's theme - Sabotage

Lon Thornburg shared his ideas about Planned Sabotage as Opportunity for Opening Communication.

I shared the ways I sabotaged myself in the beginning of my career - Sabotage

Juicyfruit from I Am Micro-Managing shares her Dr Suess AACs

Barrie from One Switch UK shares his ideas for making Rock Band Accessible!

And Karen Janowski of Teaching Every Student shares ideas for fostering independence in schools.

Thanks to all our submitters and thanks for reading!


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