Thursday, February 19, 2009

Personal Learning Network - Social Bookmarking

One of the most powerful additions to any PLN is social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a web2.0 based service that allows you to access your bookmarks from any internet enabled computer, as well as your friends bookmarks. There are several sites that you could use for social bookmarking.

The first is You can see my post about it here: Delicious. The site is easy to use, basically you save a site, and add tags to identify the content. The tags are searchable and it makes it really easy to find your links. You can see my links here, feel free to be my friend. You can even download a Firefox extension to make the process seamless. It installs as a button on your toolbar, you push it and the link is saved.

While I still maintain my Delicious account, I currently use as my social bookmarking tool of choice. Diigo is basically the same as Delicious, but includes several additional features. The best way to use Diigo is to download and install the Diigo Toolbar. Diigo allows you to bookmark the site and it will save it for you, unread, until you return to the site. As you save site you can send them to groups that you belong too. Personally I belong to Diigo in Education, EdTechTalk, & AT in SPED. Diigo will send you a daily e-mail with all the links submitted by your group members (you can change these settings). One of the other very powerful features allows you to highlight text on a saved page, and even add annotations to it. These annotations can be private or public. The collaboration available in this site make it a great resource for teachers and schools to use as a way to share information!

There are other social bookmarking sites - Stumbleupon & Mag.Nolia. I have not personally tried them, but they are popular. Please feel free to connect with me on Diigo or Delicious, and happy bookmarking!

- Patrick

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