Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Online Audio Stories

A great list was shared today on the QIAT List today.  The list is all free resources for audio stories and was shared by Glenda Hampton-Anderson the blog ATClassroom.

Audio Stories

Tumble Books has a free and subscription section on their site. Many books are available for free, all you have to do is sign up and then you will have access to some amazing audio stories called eBooks for Kids.

Story Online
which has actors reading books with full visuals of each page. The books change often so be sure to revisit this site and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Stone Soup offers a place for your students to publish their stories and read them and/or a place to listen to stories read by other students.

Candle Light Stories provides classic stories (read by professionals with sound effects included) that can be listened to on the computer, downloaded to iTunes and even put on iPods for portable listening. (Great way to allow iPods in your class!) You can even subscribe to have them automatically downloaded to your iTunes.

BookBox- Downloadable Flash stories are digitally narrated with simple animation and streaming text across the bottom - you see whole phrases, and the letters go from white to red as the words are spoken (called 'SLS' - same language subtitling). The stories are $2 per download - for PC, Mac or Video iPod, or you can buy DVD or CD-ROM collections. The stories are international in flavor, and come in several languages. You can preview the stories for free, so you could see if it fits your needs. The illustrations are beautiful and the animation simple.

Storynory provides fee audio stories. You can sign up and have them delivered to you every week. They can even be put on your iPod and played in the car... All the stories are read by our their own storyteller, who will beguile you with her warm tones and her many different voices.

Thanks Glenda, make sure you visit ATClassroom and check out her other information.

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