Sunday, September 14, 2008


I was reading a post recently about News-2-You and thought it would be something interesting to post about too. News-2-You is a newspaper designed for students with disabilities. It started several years ago as just a once weekly format, and has expanded greatly. It is still published once a week but now comes in 4 levels (simplified, regular, higher and advanced). This newspaper is published with pictures (like symbolate) above the words. It usually has 2-3 articles, some jokes, a recipe, and worksheets to supplement it. There is a spanish edition, all the pictures used are downloadable, and also includes activities for Cliker 5 and Classroom Suite.

Here's a link to the specific items you membership includes:
News-2-You What You get

One feature that many people I've talked to like is Joey's Locker. The activities available in this area relate to state standards, and are great to use with alternate assessments.

There is a membership fee for this site. You can check out the prices for yourself at News-2-You. There are discounts for schools and multiple licenses so talk to your school about them.

I hope everyone is staying dry, here in the Midwest we're getting the last of Ike, but I can't even imagine what is happening down in Texas and Louisiana. My heart goes out to all affected, and we will be thinking of you as you recover!