Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I have friends who live in the Houston Area, who luckily missed most of the worst from Hurricane Ike. I know people from the QIAT list who live in the Houston area, and one of the discussions on the list was what can we do for them. I think one of the best suggestions is this:

Typically, I will get a case of water - toothpaste - toothbrushes -
mouth wash - disposable cameras (need them for insurance claims) -
female hygiene products - package of socks - crayons - coloring books
- cards and the most important some cookies and canned goods. My niece
and nephew have to pick up one item and pay with it from their allowance
every 3 months.

We drop the items off at the American Red Cross in the area. On average
is cost about $50 to do the care package.

Another extremely helpful idea is to take cleaning supplies to any Red Cross in your area. Cleanup from this hurricane will be huge and I'm sure any cleaning supplies will be appreciated. This is such a small thing, but is every family could donate 1-2 things, just imagine the difference we could make.