Monday, July 14, 2008

Internet Groups

I currently belong to 2 internet groups that are extremely useful for professionals, and parents alike.  One is for the software Boardmaker and the other is QIAT.

Boardmaker is a group of parents and professionals that share ideas, information, and files with each other.  The group receives between 15-25 e-mails per day on many different ways to use Boardmaker, and how to do things.  Questions are encouraged and files are available to download and are encouraged to be shared with the group.  To sign up head to Yahoo! Groups, then search for Boardmaker.  You may need to sign up for a Yahoo! ID.

The other group is called QIAT - Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology.  This is a group of professionals that share information about assistive technology.  Again, you will receive between 15 and 25 e-mails per day.  Topics from new blogs, new literacy programs, how to teach concepts, discussion of devices, and questions are fair game.  The group was started by Joy Zabala.  You can sign up for the list here, QIAT.

-  Patrick