Friday, April 26, 2013

Rubric for Individual Work

A recent guest post on Free Tech for Teachers had some great ideas for using rubrics in the classroom - 5 Ways to Blow the Top Off of Rubrics.  I've been using more rubrics in the classroom, as a way to track student understanding of lessons, comprehension, etc...

I've adapted a rubric that I saw in a Facebook group to use in my classroom.  My adapted rubric and the original rubric allow you to grade a student on their Effort, Independence and Accuracy.  This is how I've specifically assigned points in each of these categories.

Rubric for Individual Work

I adapted this rubric from one created by Dawn Kiraly,, for use in my classroom, and Dawn has given permission for others to use and modify it for your use, as long as you attribute it to her.

I've found that this simple rubric allows me to assess a student on a lesson, activity, or specific skill.  It's a way to quickly get feedback and see progress.  I've been using it to rate reading fluency, math lessons and writing.  Here's an example of some of the rubrics I've started using.

Writing Rubric
Math Rubric
Guided Reading Rubric

Since I've specifically working on creating simple paragraphs with my students I created rows for the different types of sentences, and the columns to evaluate the Effort, Independence and Accuracy.   The other forms I've been using follow the same pattern.

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