Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The New TarHeelReader

Any reader of this site will know how much I love and Gary Bishop is releasing a big update.  The new Tar Heel Reader is available for testing.  The new Tar Heel Reader features an updated, easy to use interface, updated search, books are downloadable in ePub format, and much improved access on tablet and other mobile devices, see the entire announcement here.

I've tried out the site and am very impressed.  The access on mobile devices (I've tried on my iPhone and iPad 2) is very good, and now you can create books as well as read them.  You can even use your own images from Flickr.  If you use your email address in the editor's search bar it will bring up the images.  Combine that with the new Flickr app on iOS & Android and you have an easy way to take and upload pictures with your mobile devices.

The new site supports the downloading of powerpoint or ePub.  The ePub books can be downloaded directly to iBooks, and hopefully in an upcoming update will include audio!

Please take a moment and try out the new site -, report any bugs that you find.

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