Monday, December 17, 2012

#AppMondayTAS - Teaching Table

I've been trying an interesting app called Teaching Table (iPad Only|$2.99) with my students.  Teaching Table is a set of virtual interactive math manipulatives.  The manipulatives are contained in widgets, including base 10 blocks, money, dice, polygons, fractions and counting areas.

I'm impressed with the different widgets.  They are easy to set up and interact with each other very well.  Setup of the different widgets is easy and I was able to do it "on the fly" while working with a student.  One thing I did have to remember was to start each lesson so that the editing features disappeared and the widgets worked as they were designed.

I was impressed especially with the counting widget.  Once placed on the screen it interacts with any of the other manipulatives.  It will count blocks, money or fractions.  You can even place different items in the same counting area and it will count them up.  Mixing fractions and money might give you something that looks a little strange, but it is correct!

The ability to add text to any page allows you to create word problems that include materials for solving the problem.  You can even create multiple choice or open ended answers.  There are also options for self-grading questions.

Once in the presentation mode, students cannot change the widgets (add coins or more blocks), but can move them around the pages, etc...  One thing I did notice is that it is very easy to exit the presentation mode and change the problems, and I think have a passcode option might be good for some students.

They've shared an excellent video that highlights some of these features.

Teaching Table Video

Overall, I'm impressed with the app and intend on adding it to my classroom options when setting up my math lessons.  Make sure you check out Teaching Table for the iPad on the App Store!

**The reviewer was provided a copy of this app for free**

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