Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lesson Plan Template

One of the hardest parts of any school year (at least for me) is scheduling.  Getting the schedule set up for 7 students, 4 instructional assistants, and related service providers plus scheduling 3 grade levels for specials and inclusion can be a nightmare.  With this in mind, several years ago I put together a spreadsheet that is my template for the school year.  I actually create a new template for each school year that covers a week at a time.  Each week I then fill in the specific activities/lessons that I plan on teaching.

I was asked to share the template on the iTeach Special Education group on Facebook, and so instead of sending it to each person individually, I thought I would post them here.  I've uploaded 3 different templates, one in Excel Format, Open Office format and a PDF - you are welcome to download and use via Google Drive.

I also wanted to share specifically how I use the template, again this is just what makes sense to me, but you are welcome to use it.  This first screen shot is of the reading block, I typically list the area in the classroom, then put students names & aides on the first line.  So you can see the areas in my classroom are the Blue Table, Green Table, Computer & Black's Table.  Then I'll put the student names, and I'll typically abbreviate them so I can fit more on the line, then who will teach the lesson.  Under each place I'll put the specific reading activity or curriculum that will be used.

In this picture you'll see I have fewer groups, but more importantly I listed speech at the bottom of the box.  I typically list times that students are leaving the classroom at the bottom of each time period, so I can keep track of who's in the room and who is out.

As I said before, it is nothing special, but am happy to share!  Feel free to download, use and share!

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