Friday, August 17, 2012

Google+ Hangouts now have Live Captioning

Google+ Hangouts are quickly becoming a very good way to communicate with lots of different people.  They've recently opened up their Hangout OnAir Live function that lets anyone start a broadcast, via their hangout.  Which includes professional Lower Thirds, and other fun stuff.

They also released an add-on for Live Captioning.  Here's the post from Google+

Live Captioning

Some of the features include integration with Streamtext, for professional live captioning, or do it yourself where one person in the Hangout actually types the text.  One feature I do not see is once the Hangout is finished, what happens to the captioned text, I assume it's been saved and will be included in the Youtube video of the Hangout, but my tests with the service was not able to determine that for certain.  Either way this makes Google+ Hangouts much more accessible to many more people!

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