Friday, May 18, 2012

The Gmail+ Trick

Did you know if you have a gmail account, you can make up new email addresses on the fly?  Gmail has a great little trick (that also works if your district has Google Apps for Education) that makes this a breeze.

Here's the trick, if you add + and a word after your address but before the @ symbol, you can create an entire new address, that sends everything to one account.  Here's an example -  If you sent an email to me at that address, it would come to my primary account, but a website that I would have register for (like would think they are 2 different addresses.

Cool trick, but how is this useful you ask?  If you have need to register your students for a site, but they don't have email you could make an address for each student -  Now they can all have their own login, but the registrations all go to your Gmail account.  You could create different Apple ID's for various devices in your classroom, so that Facetime or iMessage can work on them, but again any verification comes through your primary email account.  There are endless possibilities.

Have fun, and let me know you have any creative ways to use this trick!

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