Monday, May 14, 2012

#AppMondayTAS - Compare A Twist

Compare A Twist ($2.99 | iPad Only) is the first app from a company I mentioned recently, App of Approval.  Run by Scott Meech (founder of the community), they have put out a solid first app.  Compare a twist is a simple app that allows you to have a list of items and then sort them into categories.  Some of the example lessons included with the app are - equals 10 or does not equal 10, president or not a president, and primary or secondary color.

The real power of this app is that you can create these lessons quickly and easily on the app, or import them from your Google Docs account!  I've had my kids help me create the lessons, and then they practice them within a matter of minutes.  There are even some more example lessons on the App of Approval website - Library of Lessons.  If you go to this site on your iPad (with Compare a Twist already installed), when you click on a lesson it will open in the app.  I've created a couple of example lessons in Google Docs if you'd like to try them out - Tools or Toys, Winter or Summer Clothes, and Jungle or Farm animals.  To use these with your copy of Compare a Twist first "Make a Copy" to your Google Docs account (see picture), and them import via the App.

The app works very smoothly, and is easy to navigate.  Once you pick a lesson you get to pick from 1 of 2 graphics - pinwheel or tornado.  On the lesson screen you see your categories at the top of the screen, and your choices at the bottom.  Just drag the words to the correct category!  When you have finished all the words you get a percentage, which is all the words you sorted correctly the first time vs. needed help with.

There are a few improvements that I'd like to see, that would make this a really amazing app.  First, it would be nice to have some picture support.  At this time it is text only and not accessible to some of my students who don't read.  I'd also like to see support for more than just 2 categories.  Last, I'd like to be able to export the data that is given at the end of each lesson.  This could be invaluable for IEP's, or even state portfolios.

I'd like to give Scott and his team kudos for a great first product, and am really looking forward to what updates they have in the future!

*I was provided a copy of this app to review*

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