Monday, April 2, 2012

#AppMondayTAS - LookTel Apps

LookTel has 2 very interesting apps, while I've not had the opportunity to try them out, I think they are worth sharing.  Both of these apps were designed with persons with limited vision in mind, but I can think of ways to use them with any person with disabilities.

LookTel Money Reader (Universal | $9.99) is exactly what it sounds like.  once you start the app, you hold your phone over the bills and it will say the denomination and type (Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars, Pounds, etc...) out loud.  It even includes a Tone Mode so you can privately scan your bills.  Check out this great demo video.  I can see teaching students to use Money Reader to help sort their money, and to assist them at the store.

LookTel Recognizer (Universal | $9.99) looks even more useful to students with disabilities.  The basic concept is the same as Money Reader, you scan an object and it tells you what it is.  First, you have to build a library of images to scan - food, medicine, remote controls, etc... you can take a picture of anything and then you record an audio label.  It can store up to 60 seconds of audio with each picture.  Which means you could even record a short set of directions with an object - "Synthroid - take 1 at bedtime" - for example.  Although, they do note that smaller object (like medicine bottles) have a more difficult time being scanned consistently.

It has quite a few other features that are worth mentioning.  You can scan barcodes with the app and it will do it's best to find out information about the product you are holding (requires internet connection).   You can also import libraries from other app users to help increase your own library.  There are some limitations, so check out all the information on their Documentation Page.

Is anyone using these apps?  Have any suggestions for their use?  Take a moment and leave a comment if you do!

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