Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MeeGenius App

I previously posted about MeeGenius last year - #AppMondayTAS - Webapps.  While I mentioned that they had a iOS app, I was not overly impressed by it, and it seemed redundant with the webapp available. Also, most of the books required you to pay for them.

I'm happy to say that things have changed with MeeGenius!  Recently while listening to the Mobile Reach podcast on the Edreach Network they had an interview with the creator of the MeeGenius website.  They have really expanded the book offerings, and have started giving out free Schools & School Library licenses!!  You can request a free account using the form here - Schools & Library Request.  This gets you access to over 40 books 70 books now (Thanks to Chris from MeeGenius for correcting me!).  Each book includes narration, word highlighting and access on mobile devices (iOS & Android), the web and even Google TV.  There are lots of fun titles to try out.  Just a word of warning you will need to have internet access to download a title the first time.

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