Monday, January 16, 2012

Video Games for All

Recently on Assisitive Tech Update Wade Wingler (@indataproject) has spent some time talking with folks who are making video games accessible for all players.  On Podcast #25 - 11/18/11 he talked with Chuck Bergen of  In this episode they talked about two very interesting video games developed for PC.  The games - My Football and My Golf - are powered by EA Games, which means they use the same code, game engine, etc... as EA football and golf games for popular platforms like XBox and PS3.  The games have been modified to allow for adapted controls, slowing of game action, and works with most joysticks, game controllers and keyboard commands.  It sounds like a very inclusive game for the gamer with disabilities in your life!

On a more recent podcast - #29 - 12/16/11 - Wade talked with Mark Barlet of the AbleGamers Foundation.  This community is a place for gamers from all walks of life to share information, review games (in terms of accessibility), and give back a little.  Their foundation has been helping gamers with disabilities afford new systems with adapted controllers and get them back into gaming.  Recently they gave 3 Veterans with disabilities a game system and adapted controller so they could play with their families!  It's a great community with lots of wonderful ideas!

Check out both of these great video game options!

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