Monday, December 5, 2011

AAC Apps Information

With the proliferation of iOS devices and communication apps, I thought it would a good time to share some resources for researching the best AAC apps.

Jane Farrall of the Spectronics Blog has an amazingly complete list of all the AAC apps available for iOS.  She has lots of information about what the app includes, what features it has, switch compatibility, along with her rating.  This is one of my first stops when checking out any AAC app.

iPhone/iPad Apps for AAC

If for some reason Jane does not have an app, or if you are looking at an Android or web app, I would suggest checking this great AAC Checklist from Scott Marfilius & Kelly Fonner.  The AAC Checklist is a wonderful tool to evaluate apps and see if they would fit your need.  It also includes a very extensive list of AAC apps and what platforms they run on (iOS, Android, Web, etc...)

Sorting Through AAC Apps

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons - Bindaas Madhavi
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