Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Keyboard

What do you get when you make a keyboard with wider keys, but not higher?  You increase the font size 3 times a standard keyboard? And include a multiple leg system with tons of options?

The More Keyboard

The More Keyboard was designed for persons of a larger stature (large fingers, etc..), but it is easy to see how this keyboard is perfect for anyone with a disability.  Having larger keys is great, but not having to change the distance you go from front to back would great decrease fatigue in many individuals.  The size of the letters and durability of them seems like a perfect match for a classroom.

As you can see from above it takes up no more space than a standard keyboard, but does move some of the keys around to accommodate the wider keys.   The More Keyboard retails for $69 and is available from the More Keyboard website.

Thanks to Wade Wingler (@indataproject) for featuring this innovative new product on the Assistive Technology Update podcast.

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