Monday, October 17, 2011

INData Project & Podcast

Jeremy posted recently about using podcasts to Listen & Learn, and I found at least one that I had not hear of before.  Wade Wingler (@indataproject) hosts a weekly podcast about AT, answering questions & interviewing leaders in the field.  This podcast has become one of my favorites!

Wade always starts off the podcast reviewing a ton of AT news and products, and there is so much that I learn just for those few short minutes.  He typically answers a few questions and does an interview.  One of the most recent was with Claudio Guigliemma of the Lucy Environment project.  A project whose aim is to create an accessible computer environment available anywhere you use a computer (based in the cloud), what a fantastic idea!!!

There is tons more information shared on the blog - - so make sure you check that out too!  You can download the Assistive Technology Update from the blog or via iTunes.


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