Thursday, September 15, 2011

Simple Photographic Dictionary #edtech #assistivetech #spedtech #ESL

Simple Photographic Dictionary is a visual (picture) dictionary appropriate for children learning English.  Thousands of common nouns and simple concepts are illustrated with beautiful photographs.  The photographs are sourced from flickr and are under Creative Commons license.

This site differs from other dictionaries in the following ways.

  • Language is simpler and easier to understand than sites like Wikipedia
  • Definitions are concise
  • Every entry is illustrated with a real-life photo
  • All names are given for nouns or concepts that are known by a different name in different parts of the world.

Originally this site started out as a personal project to be a quick reference.  The developer was frustrated with wading through verbose pages on sites like Wikipedia.

This is a great resource for all students who benefit from the use of visuals (especially real-life photographs) and simple language (i.e., early elementary, ESL, special needs).

-  Jeremy

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