Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Shell - Eco-Funcational case for iPad 2

The iPad 2 case above is a new product looking for support!  This case is a Kickstarter Project and is trying to get the funding to make the case.  The Shell is a case for the iPad 2 and has several features that make it interesting for educational settings:
  • hard, durable plastic (also dishwasher safe)
  • handle for carrying, standing up, and typing,
  • redirects sound to the front of the device
  • & a retractable home button cover
I still am a proponent of teaching and redirecting students (instead of taking away), but the power of the home button is overwhelming, and many times the only way to keep a student using an app is to cover it up (see my post on Bubcaps).  So I think this is a feature that continues to be useful in a special education setting.

As this is a Kickstarter project, you cannot actually order the product, but you can support the project the following ways:

$5 - gets you a pack of stickers & a thank you note
$25 - gets you an iPhone 4 card holder
$50 - gets you a Shell, which will retail for $65 once the project is done
$100 - gets you 2 Shell cases
$550 - gets you 1 Shell case for yourself, and they will donate 10 more to the school of your choice
$1,200 - gets you a pack of 30 Shell cases that you can resell

This case is set to retail for $65, which is not a bad price considering many other cases designed for student use cost around $200.   I can't wait to see if this project succeeds!!
-  Patrick
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